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Ngày Dài
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Development visual / Animation / Shooting / Color Grading / Post production




The project for women ‘s day Vietnam.
We work constantly with processes: Animatic, Styleframe, Visual, Digital Animation, Shoting Stopmotion, Post- production, Colorgrading in 2 month. Shooting, props, cut chacracter, printing & materials a totals of 5 days.
Nearly 30 people working this project, more than 1000 characters are printed and cut off with more than 11 set backgrounds.
Glowing would like to thank you from your heart to all of you who have supported, focused and joined the project.

Creative Director: Trần Hồng Lộc Định
Animation Director: Tô Dương Phương Nguyên
Visual Artist: Ngọc Lê
Demo character: Amy Nguyen
Animatic & Animator: Thanh Phương Trương
Post production: Thanh Phương Trương. 
Colour grading: Sin Nguyễn, Thanh Phương Trương
Lighting: Hồng Đức 
Hand talent: Thảo Haru
Stop Motion Animation & Shooting: Nguyễn Ngọc Tuyết Ngân, Tô Dương Phương Nguyên, Ngọc Lê
Props: Huy Đình, Ben Nguyễn
Set construction: Huy Đình, Nguyễn Ngọc Tuyết Ngân, Tô Dương Phương Nguyên, Trần Hồng Lộc Định, Ben Nguyễn
Printing & materials: Huy Đình, Bảo Nguyễn, Trần Hồng Lộc Định, Ngọc Lê
Paper cut:
– Team: Blackly Phạm, Bảo Trần, Bảo Nguyễn, Hoàng Tuấn, Tường Vân
– Team: Trọng Huỳnh, Phan Phi , Vũ Hạnh Đông, Nguyễn Hoàng Sang
– Team: Phương Thảo, Linh Lê, Thai Tran, Thỏ Điên, Hiền Nguyễn, Đặng Minh Hạ
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