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– Một phim hoạt hình ngắn về cái Tết giản đơn của một cậu bé vùng quê, những cảm xúc bé con, mọi thứ có thể không trọn vẹn, nhưng hãy luôn mỉm cười và hài lòng với những gì mình có. Quan trọng là cách chúng ta nhìn sự việc theo một chiều hướng tích cực. Hạnh phúc chính là những điều nhỏ nhắn trong đời sống hằng ngày.

– Deep inside the thought of a kid, Tet is utterly the greatest day. New clothes to wear, no more class, foods and candies all over the place and lucky money, how great it is. But in Vu Tet video, the only thing considering to be great is that the kid having time to help mom growing the daisy, having fun with fireflies and the endless excitement to see the daisy blooming in the sunlight. But his excitement soon be over when those daisy is harvested, along with endless effort he putted in to grow them. Fortunately, his sadness soon be taken by her mother’s lovely daisy. By making the video, Glowing want to bring a little Tet atmosphere through the daisy full of family love. It also convey a message: Let’s live your life with lots of love, we could found love in the little simple things.

Vu Tet

– Production: Glowing Studio / http://glowingstudio.vn/
– Director: An Tiem Dua Hau
– Storyboard & Script : An Tiem Dua Hau
– Illustration: An Tiem Dua Hau / Linh Nguyen
– Animated & Animation Leader: To Duong Phuong Nguyen
– Animation: To Duong Phuong Nguyen / Tieu Nhat / Nguyen Cuong
– 3D: Nguyen Cuong
– Sound: To Duong Phuong Nguyen