Kimmese – ISABET ft. Andrey Right Hand








Screenplay / Storyboard / Development visual / Animation


This is the 2nd video we made for the female rapper’s comeback in 2017, includes 1 Lyric video and 1 Animated music video (full project here). The project is inspired by airport information boards and glitch effects. We base on square grid to create a set of fonts, animated each letter and then put it into sentences.


We build a font base on square pixcel
Production: Glowing Studio /
Director: To Duong Phuong Nguyen ( NTRIX)
Creative Director: An Tiem Dua Hau
Development  Concept: To Duong Phuong Nguyen ( NTRIX)
Alphabet Design : Ngoc Le 
Photo Manipulation: Amynyan 
Typography:  To Duong Phuong Nguyen ( NTRIX) / Truong Phuong Thanh
Visual Effect : To Duong Phuong Nguyen ( NTRIX)
Alphabet Animation:  Truong Phuong Thanh / Nguyen Le Minh / Nguyen Tuyen / Minh Nhan / Su Van Thien
Typography Animation:  Truong Phuong Thanh / Nguyen Tuyen
Animatic : Nguyen Tuyen 






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